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Speech for the Wedding of Lucia and Renzo in Noto, Sicily

Dear friends, relatives, and guests, today we are gathered here in the beautiful Noto, in Sicily, to celebrate the sacred union of two kindred souls, Lucia and Renzo. I am the Mayor of Noto, and I am honored to officiate this special ceremony, which was inspired by a magical encounter that took place in Austria, a true love at first sight.

Lucia and Renzo, your love has crossed borders and cultures, proving that love is truly universal. This place, Noto, with its history and beauty, is the perfect setting to unite two hearts that beat in harmony. And though you have come from afar, today you are here, surrounded by the love and support of your loved ones.

Your encounter in Austria was an extraordinary event, a sign that destiny had something special in store for both of you. Love at first sight is something magical, a moment when the stars align, and an unbreakable bond is formed between two people. Lucia, Renzo captured your heart with his charm, and Renzo, you found your muse in Lucia.

Today, as you join in matrimony, know that your love has been blessed by those very stars that shone brightly on your first meeting. Your love story is an example of how love can overcome any distance and challenge, for your love was born from a deep and authentic connection.

Lucia and Renzo, always remember to nurture and protect this special love you have found in each other. May your life together be an extraordinary adventure, filled with joy, laughter, mutual understanding, and boundless love.

Now, with hearts filled with joy and hope, I ask Lucia and Renzo to take each other’s hands and look into each other’s eyes, ready to embark on this new chapter of their lives together.

Lucia, do you accept Renzo as your lawful husband, to love, honor, and cherish him, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health,犀利士
for all the days of your life?

Renzo, do you accept Lucia as your lawful wife, to love, honor, and cherish her, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, for all the days of your life?

Lucia and Renzo, I now invite you to exchange your vows and rings as a symbol of your eternal love.

May this marriage be the beginning of an extraordinary life together, and may your love continue to grow and flourish each day. I wish you all the happiness and love that life can offer.

By the authority vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now share your first kiss as a married couple!

Congratulations, Lucia and Renzo! May your life be filled with love, adventures, and unforgettable moments.

Cheers to the newlyweds!

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