Are you wondering how to organize a wedding in Sicily?

The choice of your dream location, the decorations of the church, the catering and the cake design, the photographer and the video, the hotel booking and the management to transfer the guests, the musical entertainment and the open bar, the wedding invitations and the wedding stationery etc.

Smile and relax, I will help you to find out how to organize a dream wedding in Sicily; be happy and enjoy the whole process.

A perfect wedding involves so many things that nothing can be left to chance, not even the unexpected. One of the greatest skills for a wedding planner is that of identifying the wishes of the couple and transforming them into concrete reality, helping the couples to create, organize and finally realize their dream event. Together, we will create the theme for your fateful day, we will choose the design and style of your wedding, paying attention to the details with style and elegance, we will organise the seating chart of the guests and much more.

Your destination wedding planner will take care of the paperwork issuesand of the pre-wedding appointments, including organizing stag and hen parties. Fiocchidiriso also uses a large portfolio of professional suppliers: the best florists, catering & banqueting, designers, stylists, photographers, etc , they will be happy to help you make every detail perfect before, during and after your wedding in Sicily or abroad. Relax and have fun, tell us your love story, we will write the pages of your beautiful wedding.

Let's get excited together!

Celebrations are aimportant part of the wedding or of the romantic event. Most destination weddings include different events: wedding dinners, post-wedding brunches, guided tours are just some examples of the many activities that we can plan and coordinate to make  unique and unforgettable your experience.

Fiocchidiriso takes care of all aspects of planning and organizing  event. With a considerable list of suppliers, we can provide any service you need by coordinating  execution of your event, whatever it is a wedding or a corporate event, a private party or birthday, a degree or an anniversary, It will  be a SUCCESS!

Design is the part I love the most. All creativity on stage! Each wedding is extraordinary, no matter whether it is in a luxurious castle, in a vineyard or by the sea. There is a work of listening, understanding and empathy with the customer. Details are important because they embellish any event. I love to make its, are unique details madehand: from the precious ring holder casket, to the place cards for the guests, to the wedding stationery, all this allows a real personalisation for the customer. Experience, constant research of the latest trends, colors, materials, styles are needed to build a personal and exciting atmosphere and every little detail is crucial because it tells your love story.

The wedding cake represents the most magical and emotional moment. An offer to the new life of a couple. A specially designed setting welcomes the cake made by pastry chefs according to the taste of the newlyweds.

Flowers are one of the key elements in a wedding. Deciding which ones best suit the style or the theme of the wedding is an important choice that involves different aspects of the ceremony. Not only they will enhance the beauty of your wedding dress but the perfect combination of the bouquet or of the flower arrangements can immediately influence the success of the event itself, creating a unique and perfect setting for your celebration.Together with the best expert floral designers in the sector, I will recommend the flowers that best reflect your personality, your style, the wedding theme, the type of ceremony, the chosen location and the season.

Professional photographers and video makers will capture the most beautiful images of your wedding. Photography is art. It Immortalizes faces, events and it tells beautiful stories. A photographic reportage manages to capture emotions by documenting every detail: the looks, the smiles, the worries, joy, the tears of happiness, the warmth, the hugs, all the unforgettable memories of your special day.


Professional hairdressers and expert makeup artists will enhance the natural beauty of any bride. You will be beautiful and radiant on the most beautiful day of your life!


Mise En Place literally "putting in place", indicates the complete setting of the table: placemats, plates and crystals, glasses and cutlery. Set up the tables, decorate them, enrich them, embellish them, adorn them, it will make your wedding more scenic and original. The "Mise en Place" we will create for you will be unforgettable. Precious details, to share with your guests, active protagonists of a special day, not only for you, but also for them. Embroideries, centerpieces, place cards, candles, flowers, chairs, menus: everything will be arranged so that guests and newlyweds can consider it a further essential attention to make the food offered and the shared time even more pleasant.

A well laid table will add magic and atmosphere to your event!


Manipulating light to create events with a strong visual impact. Candles, threads of light, illuminations, projections of artist's images on walls and buildings. Stage sets and fireworks. For a wedding reception that thrills your guests, light is crucial. Light has the power to enhance a location by highlighting its strengths, light can create atmospheres and can be magical.


To entertain and delight our guests we select musicians, singers, dancers, entertainers for children.

Management for guests accommodation,transfer service from the airport and from the accommodation to the place of the celebration.


Fiocchidiriso will help you finding the ideal location for your dream. You can choose between Historic Palaces, Ancient Masserie, Golden Beaches, Private Gardens, Castles, Towers, Country Villas, prestigious locations in World Heritage List cities.

With the expression banqueting we mean all the operations concerning the preparation of food and drinks in the organization of a wedding or of other events. The "catering" is closely linked to banqueting and concerns all food supply activities. In the common imagination, the two terms are often confused. In planning your wedding, the choice of banqueting and catering is meaningful. We are Italians and for us eating and drinking is very important. For other cultures, however, the lunch or the dinner of the wedding reception is essential to spend an unforgettable day.

Your wedding design comes to life starting from the invitations for your guests. It concerns the decorations of the reception place and the church. Invitations are the calling card of your wedding day and provide a lot of information about the style and type of wedding you will be organizing. Each accessory must be customized according to the Fil Rouge of the entire event.

Tableau and candy table wedding: the design of wedding invitations, for which Fiocchidiriso can offer you a wide choice, will also be exhibited at the location. The place of the wedding banquet; indeed, will be the furniture with the tableau de mariage and the menu. It is usually on each guest's plate and decorated with ribbons, flowers or twine according to the fil rouge of the event. Even at the end of the wedding party, after cutting the wedding cake, the candy table wedding can be enriched with small cards on which the tastes of the candies are written: a gift to thank the guests for their partecipation at the event.

Fiocchidiriso will take care of all the bureaucratic paperwork and will manage the pre-wedding appointments including the organization of stag and hen parties.

Celebrants, native speaker of English, French, German, Russian, etc, will be happy to officiate any type of ceremony: religious, civil and symbolic.

Advice in choosing the wedding and the ceremony dress.

Organization of the rehearsal dinner before the wedding.

Babysitting service.

Car rent.


Creating of the candy buffet for your wedding, wedding sweets, dessert, cigar corners, open bar, selection of wines and strongdrink.