Enchanting Outdoor Wedding in Capomulini, Acireale – Elisa & Maurizio, September 23, 2023

Experience the magic of Elisa and Maurizio’s outdoor seaside wedding in Capomulini, Acireale, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

Join us on September 23, 2023, for a Sicilian wedding celebration filled with love, laughter, and Italian charm.

On the 23rd of September 2023, love, laughter, and the breathtaking beauty of Capomulini (Acireale) set the stage for Elisa and Maurizio’s outdoor wedding celebration with a view of the sea. The couple, Elisa, hailing from Puglia, and Maurizio, a true Sicilian at heart, came together to create a day filled with joy, warmth, and Sicilian charm.

Under the radiant犀利士
Sicilian sun, the lovebirds exchanged their vows, surrounded by the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The setting was nothing short of magical, with the sea breeze adding a touch of romance to the occasion.

The entire day was a testament to the quote by Lilly Pulitzer, “Everything is possible with the light of the sun and a little bit of pink.” The natural beauty of the seaside location blended seamlessly with the elegant décor and floral arrangements designed by Officina Didattica Flower Design.

Planning and design by Laura Fiocchi Di Riso ensured that every detail was perfectly executed, making it a day to remember for the couple and their guests. The couple’s journey was beautifully captured by Marco Ficili, who documented each moment with precision and artistry.

As Elisa and Maurizio celebrated their union, they did so with the support of their loved ones, who joined them for this special day. The wedding was not just a celebration of their love but also a fusion of their Italian heritage, with Puglian and Sicilian traditions coming together in harmony.

Elisa’s radiant beauty was enhanced by the talented hands of makeup artist Concetta Minauda and hairstylist CDB Acireale. She looked every bit the Sicilian bride with a touch of Puglian grace.

And what’s a Sicilian celebration without music and entertainment? The Miqra Band ensured that the evening was filled with joyful melodies and dancing, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the stars began to twinkle over the sea, Elisa and Maurizio’s wedding day came to a close. It was a day of love, laughter, and the promise of a beautiful future together—a day that perfectly captured the essence of Sicily and the love between two people.

With the sound of the waves as their backdrop and the love of their friends and family in their hearts, Elisa and Maurizio embarked on their journey as husband and wife, cherishing the memories of their unforgettable outdoor wedding in Capomulini.


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