Destination wedding Italy

Wedding in Catania

Catania is an ancient port city on the east coast of Sicily. It is located at the foot of Mt. Etna, an active volcano with paths leading to the summit. Founded by the Greeks, this city has a rich history of cultural heritage not only of the Greek era, traces remain in the beautiful old town, but also Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Swabian, Angevin and Spanish. Today's city, mainly eighteenth-century, is the result of the rebuilding after the strong earthquake of 1693, built in the "Sicilian Baroque" style and declared a World Heritage by Unesco.

Catania is a baroque pearl to discover


Wedding in Siracusa

Syracuse is a city on the Ionian coast of Sicily. It has a millennial history and in the classical age it excelled for power and wealth, it was the homeland of the mathematician Archimedes and for many centuries, Syracuse was the capital city of Sicily.It is known for its ancient ruins: the Archaeological Park of Neapolis WHICH includes the Roman Amphitheater, the Greek Theater and the Ear of Dionysus.The island of Ortigia is the oldest part of the city, the islet is an enchanting scenery with a magical atmosphere;here you can live a unique experience and breathe all the scent of the Mediterranean.

Wedding in Noto

The city of Noto is one of the most evocative baroque pearls of Sicily. Defined as the "capital" of the Baroque, its entire historic center has received UNESCO recognition, together with other late Baroque cities in Val di Noto.Noto is an open-air treasure chest, just take Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main street of the city, to discover all its beauty.Noto is also known as the "stone garden": the streets, the opulent noble palaces and the majestic churches were built with limestone that glows with a blinding light when illuminated by the sun. Particular importance, in addition to the magnificent Cathedral and other churches, must be given to  some palaces of the nobles of Noto, such as Palazzo Nicolaci, Palazzo Trigona, Palazzo Astuto, which best represent the splendor and the beauty of this splendid corner of Sicily.

Wedding in Marzamemi

Marzamemi is undoubtedly one of the Sicilian villages that you will surely fall in love with.Its streets, its shops, its beautiful harbor, the old Tonnara, its being ancient but at the same time in step with the times, I personally find it a beautiful and magical place.For those looking for an absolutely unique place to share with your partner, Marzamemi is the ideal place because it has a special, simple, natural but at the same time romantic atmosphere, a place that, even if the years follow, it remains indistinctly spectacular. Marzamemi is located in the Val di Noto, it could be the perfect place for your wedding in Sicily.

Wedding in Taormina

Perched on the side of a mountain, Taormina is one of Sicily's best-known wedding destinations, a charming little town perfect for a romantic elopement, a wedding or a honeymoon and for those wanting a taste of the sicilian "Dolce Vita". Founded in the 4th century, Taormina enjoyed great prosperity under the Greeks and later under the Romans, but fell into a quiet obscurity after being conquered by the Normans in 1087. Its reincarnation as a tourist destination dates back to the 18th century, when Northern Europeans discovered it during the Grand Tour. Among his fans was DH Lawrence, who lived here between 1920 and 1923.

Wedding in Ragusa

Ragusa is called "town of bridges" for the presence of three very picturesque structures of historical value. In 1693 a devastating earthquake caused the almost total destruction of the entire city, claiming more than five thousand victims. The reconstruction divided it into two large districts: on one side Ragusa upper, located on the plateau, on the other Ragusa Ibla, built from the ruins of the ancient city and rebuilt according to the ancient medieval layout. The architectural masterpieces built after the earthquake, together with all those present in the Val di Noto, were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002. Ragusa is one of the most important places for the presence of evidence of Baroque art, such as its churches and its eighteenth-century buildings. One of the most important churches is the Cathedral of San Giorgio, the highest expression of the Baroque of the Val di Noto and the many noble palaces scattered around Ragusa Ibla.

Wedding in Modica

Modica has Neolithic origins and it represents the historical capital of the area which today almost corresponds to the province of Ragusa. Until the nineteenth century it was the capital of a county that exercised such a wide political, economic and cultural influence that it was counted among the most powerful fiefdoms in Southern Italy. For its masterpieces the city was included in 2002, together with some centers of the Val di Noto, in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Wedding in Scicli

"Elio Vittorini", a multifaceted Sicilian writer, spoke of Scicli as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. To understand that this statement is true, it is enough to cross its paths. Walking along Via Francesco Mormino Penna, the splendid noble palaces can be seen in all their splendor: Palazzo Papaleo, Veneziano Sgarlata, Patanè, Spadaro, Conti, the result of such beauty. The earthquake of 1693 destroyed Scicli and the whole South East of Sicily. On that tragic occasion most of the buildings were destroyed but the reconstruction gave birth to a new town, beautiful, in perfect Baroque style, the one that still allows it to be counted among the most important centers with precious evidence of that style. In addition to the palaces, the splendid churches such as that of San Bartolomeo and Santa Maria la Nova, an authentic architectural triumph, difficult to find in other places. Scicli is a UNESCO city: the enchanting Palazzo Beneventano with its artistic decorations and bizarre, flashy and dramatic masks, together with Via Francesco Mormino Penna, are exceptional testimony to the exuberant genius of late Baroque art and architecture.